Hamburg Finkenwerder XFW / EDHI, Germany


In Hamburg Finkenwerder Airbus has it's second largest production site. There is the primary FAL (Final Assembly Line) of the A319, A320 and A321, the painting and cabin installation of the A380 and A350 and a lot of large components for several types are assembled there. The Airport is located southwest of Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel Airport and has the same runway direction. It's directly next to the river Elbe and some parts of the area were especially heaped for the extension of the factory some years ago.

Finkenwerder Airport is not used for commercial passenger service, it's only used by Airbus for testflights of new aircraft and their Belugas and sometimes some GA traffic.

XFW 28.5.2017

XFW 27.5.2017