Frankfurt FRA / EDDF, Germany


Frankfurt is Germany's biggest airport and also one of the biggest in Europe. It's the main hub for german flag carrier Lufthansa. Also Condor has one of their main hubs in Frankfurt.

On this site you can find my pictures I took at Frankfurt. A lot of the pictures are taken from the Apron, because I fly to Frankfurt quite often, and can take pictures out of the bus/car that takes me to the Terminal or to the aircraft.

FRA 02.08.2019

FDH 30.05.2019

FRA 29.05.2019

FRA 19.08.2018

FRA 27.07.2018

FRA 01.05.2018

FRA 30.04.2018

FRA 16.04.2018

FRA 15.04.2018

FRA 28.05.2017

FRA 26.05.2017

FRA 07.05.2017

FRA 05.05.2017

FRA 04.09.2016

FRA 17.08.2016