Frankfurt September 2016

In September I flew to Frankfurt and Stuttgart together with my friend Johannes. Starting at FDH we took LH373 to FRA.  Because there was a exhebition in Friedrichshafen Lufthansa send their A319 to serve this Route instead of the CRJ 900 LR.

Arrived in Frankfurt we took LH 130 to Stuttgart. We flew to STR because the lovely "Bobby" will be retired soon and we both wanted to fly with this beatiful plane.  We had the 25 years old B737-330 D-ABEE. Arrived in STR we took the same plane back to FRA as LH 135. Just because its fun :)

Back in FRA we booked a Airport tour and visited the visitors terrace. This terrace is strongly NOT recommendable for spotters. There is a very high fence (about 3 to 4 meters) with 4 holes in it for Cameras. And around this holes are most times at least 5 people who wait to get the opportunity for some acceptable shots. And for this you have to pay about 5€ per person.

But the Apron Tour is fantastic. We took the 90 minutes long  Maxi-Tour. With about 30 others we had a bus and drove around, stopped here and there for some specials. One of this was that we stand direct infront of the second A320neo from Lufthansa. I really loves this engines. You cann see some of the pictures in my gallery or below.

We also hold in the extended Centerline of RWY 25L and 07C. From there we had some overhead departures (25C/07C) and arrivals (25L) of several A380s from Lufthansa and some other longhaul aircraft. Its really amazing to see this big birds flying about 200ft above you. And they are big. Really big.

In the evening we flew back to FDH on LH376 - again a Airbus A319. After we talked a bit to the Cockpit Crew before the boarding was completed they asked us if we want to stay in the Cockpit for the entire flight and for sure we said yes. So I had my very first jump seat experience on this day. I tried to take some pictures but there were too much turbulences combined with too less light and so all pictures are trash.


You can see videos from the flight on my YouTube Channel and on Johannes' YouTube Channel or in the linked videos on this site!