FRA-LHR-MAD-FRA August 2018

On August 18th and 19th 2018 I flew together with my friends Colin and Justin from Frankfurt via London to Madrid and back to Frankfurt. Main reason for this trip was that all flights have been operated with widebody aircraft.


On the first leg we took British Airways service between Frankfurt and London Heathrow operated with a Boeing 767-300. I luckily got a seat in the forward compartment and had a fantastic wingview.

The flight overall was quite good. British Airways had a lot of cabin crew on this flight. But the aircraft was not clean at all and the seats were lets call it heavily used. After the flight we asked for a flightdeck visit and meet the awesome captian. All BA-Flightcrews have an app on their EFBs to take a picture of a visitor and send it to them via e-mail. Really a great feature.


Arrived in London we made our way to spot departures on the top of T5. You can see the results here. The weather unfortunately was typical british but it didn't rain at least.


After visiting Myrtle Avenue we made our way back to T5 to catch our flight to MAD. This was operated as a BA codeshare with Iberias Airbus A430-600. Positive compared to the BA flight the aircraft was fitted with a longhaul cabin and therefore had an IFE. Also the aircraft was properly cleaned. Unfortunately the cabin crew wasn't that friendly.


Arrived at Madrid we took a cab to the hotel and took a bit of sleep before getting up early for some spotting at Madrid the next morning. You can see the pictures from Madrid here.


In the afternoon we took Latams connection between Madrid and Frankfurt operated with a Boeing 787-9. The flight was really great and the cockpit crew was amazing too.