Friedrichshafen FDH / EDNY, Germany


On the following pages I show you my pictures I took at my homeairport Friedrichshafen in southern Germany. The traffic there is not very much, depending on season and weekday between 10 and 30 scheduled flights a day, but a lot of the traffic are special aircraft. I´m there most of the time when I go spotting because I live very close to it. Also it's very good for spotting but more about that can be found on the "Spotterguide" page.


I had to split up this page by years because it would be too big for all in one. Here you can see my pictures taken in 2019. For earlier years check the buttons below.

FDH 20.10.2019

FDH 13.10.2019

FDH 12.10.2019

FDH 29.09.2019

FDH 10.09.2019

FDH 19.08.2019

FDH 01.08.2019

FDH 20.07.2019

FDH 04.07.2019

FDH 15.05.2019

FDH 24.04.2019

FDH 21.04.2019

FDH 14.04.2019

FDH 13.04.2019

FDH 07.04.2019

FDH 06.04.2019

FDH 18.03.2019

FDH 23.02.2019

FDH 25.01.2019

FDH 23.01.2019

FDH 14.01.2019

FDH 13.01.2019

FDH 05.01.2019